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Year 6


Year 6 Staff

Mr Moseley - Class Teacher

Mr McGhee - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Moore - LSA

Mrs Georgiou - LSA


Current Topic 

Frozen Kingdom

Welcome to the planet’s coldest lands, which are incredibly beautiful, yet often deadly. This half term, we’ll start by making and observing icebergs. We’ll then find out more about them using non-fiction books. We’ll learn technical vocabulary so we can write reports in the role of engineers. Using globes and maps, we’ll identify the polar regions, comparing the Arctic and Antarctic. We’ll also think about how we can protect the polar environment. Then, we’ll investigate the tragic story of the RMS Titanic, and find out about the people on board. When we’re more familiar with the polar regions, we’ll write exciting stories from the Ice Bear and journals from the perspective of Ernest Shackleton. Researching our favourite polar animals will be fun, and we’ll create animal artwork inspired by the Inuit people.


Previous topic (Autumn 2)

World War 2

A siren sounds and a Spitfire zooms overhead! It’s 1939 and Britain is at war. This half term, we’ll imagine what it was like to be evacuated and live with a family other than our own. Using different source materials, we’ll learn about evacuation and write letters to our families ‘back home’. We’ll plot the Second World War’s events on a timeline and learn about rationing and the Battle of Britain. From a range of maps, we’ll identify safe and dangerous places during the war. After reading Letters from the Lighthouse, we’ll write our own diaries. From a range of sources, we’ll find out about children and school during the war and learn about discrimination that existed at the time. We’ll learn about what it was like during the Blitz and think about how soldiers might have felt. In D&T, we’ll make Anderson shelters.

SATs Information

Michael Tidd, a headteacher and TES columnist had produced a handy go-to video explaining everything a parent needs to know about the KS2 SATs:

SATs Revision

Do you want some last minute help to prepare for the SATs?

Spelling - Test yourself with the full Year 5 and 6 spelling list, or have a look at this website if you need to remind yourself of the most common (and likely to be tested!) spelling rules.

Maths - Are there any areas you feel you need a little extra help with? Use the BBC Bitesize website - it's split up into different topics, with games and tasks to help you practise. 

Reading - Practise your comprehension skills with the clips and games on this website and help yourself to become text detectives!



January Assembly resources

Assembly script 

Don't stop Believin' lyrics

Don't stop full track with lyrics

Don't stop backing track

October Half Term Home Learning

Download the WW2 home learning sheet here

Useful Anderson Shelter links:

What were Anderson Shelters?

Anderson Shelter Facts

How to make a model Anderson Shelter (really detailed!!)


Big Sing resources

Download the lyric sheet here

The Kings

Jingle Bell Rock

In the Bleak Midwinter

Winter Wonderland


Peter Daniels WW1 Project resources

Click here for the lyrics to all the performance songs

Bombed last night

Barra' Boy


Pack up your troubles

Stop the Cavalry


My Old Man said Follow the Van



Use the Mathsframe games and mini-quizzes to test your skills across a range of topics

 Interactive maths quiz, with range of levels

Free maths games


If you want to play any of the other games on MathsFrame, ask Mr Moseley for the password.


Parents: Keep up to date with the Maths outcomes the children are working towards with these handy summaries. Note: this is not concrete and subject to change throughout the terms.






Core text

'The Ice Bear' by Jackie Morris

Click to buy

Previous Reading

'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll.

Buy it here


'War Game' by Michael Foreman

 Buy it here


Boost your Suffragette knowledge with this great website - it's packed with facts and a handy timeline with all the important dates about the women's suffrage movement.



Are you a grammar whizz?

Do you know the difference between a contraction and a conjunction?

Try yourself on this online quiz!

Or, if you're feeling really adventurous, download this Big Year 6 Grammar Test!




Below are the spellings for the second half-term. On the right are some suggested activities to assist with learning the words.

Please help your child practise the spellings each week, ready for the test on Friday morning.


 Wednesday Word

If you enjoy reading the Wednesday Word, why not check out the Wednesday Word Kids' Area, where there are games and activities to support your understanding of this week's scriptural text.


Click here to view the Servite Curriculum Map 2018/19


Check back here for more useful links and resources to support your child's learning.

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