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Year 5


Year 5 Staff

Mr Abbassy - Class Teacher

Miss Rooney - Teaching Assistant


Current Topic (Spring 2)

Secret Garden

Come on, let’s grow! This half term, we’ll visit an allotment to see what’s growing and spot the greenhouses and frames that help the plants to grow. Our visit will inspire us to write a report about the allotment and investigate types of compost and biodegradable materials used. We’ll use food from the allotment to make delicious dishes, and plant our own fruits and vegetables. Our art skills will improve as we make detailed observational drawings, using botanical images for inspiration. We’ll write a set of instructions explaining how to plant a tree and learn how to care for plants. The classic children’s book The Secret Garden will inspire us to write our own short stories. We’ll explore germination, learn more about the parts of the plant and find out how they reproduce. Maps will help us to identify the best place for an allotment and where different foods come from.


Previous topic (Spring 1)

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

Lock your doors and pull up the drawbridge: the dreaded ‘Great Pestilence’ is here. At the start of this half term, we’ll meet a strange character and use a range of source materials to research the symptoms of the Black Death. Our geography skills will help us understand how the black death came to Britain and why it spread so quickly. We’ll find out about disgusting and dangerous plague ‘cures’. Our personal plague journals will record the horror of the black death and we’ll write poetry inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer. We’ll learn about the ‘dance of death’ and perform dances inspired by Saint-Saen’s Danse Macabre. We’ll learn about different social classes, understand the reasons for the Peasants’ Revolt and make our speeches to the King himself to plead for the end of the Feudal system!



Home Learning

W/E 05.07.19

W/E 21.06.19

W/E 14.06.19

W/E 07.06.19

W/E 03.05.19

W.E 26.04.19

Read the 2nd chapter of the Secret Garden by clicking here - you can also listen to an audio version!

W/E 15.03.19

W/E 08.02.19

W/E 01.02.19

W/E 14.12.18

W/E 30.11.18

W/E 12.10.18

W/E 05.10.18

John's Story resources

Click for the Garden of Gethsemane Lyrics

Use the backing track below to sing along!



Topics covered this term: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Are you ready for Year 6? Have a go at this Y6 level arithmetic paper. Challenge yourself to do it in under 40 minutes.

Check your reasoning skills with this quick test

February half-term - Check your reasoning skills now!

Year 5 are looking at shape at the moment, both 2D and 3D.




Core text

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson-Burnett

Read it online here - it even has audio support.

Buy it here


Previous reading

'The Children of Winter' by Berlie Doherty

Buy it here

'Charlotte's Web' by E.B White

Click to buy


Non-fiction books

Buy it here


'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare amazon Buy it here




You can find this week's spellings on the Homework Cover Sheet

Click here to download the complete Year 5 spelling list 


Shakespeare Performance resources

Click here for the lyrics to Somewhere

Click the sound file above to practise singing along!



Wednesday Word

If you enjoy reading the Wednesday Word with your child, why not check out the Wednesday Word Kids' Area, where there are games and activities to support their scriptural education

Click here to view the Servite Curriculum Map 2018/19


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