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Year 4 


Year 4 Staff

Miss Langford - Class Teacher

Mrs Millard - Teaching Assistant


Spring 2

Britain's Settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Autumn 1

Stone Age Boy

Let’s travel back to prehistoric times! This half term we’re going to discover a national prehistoric site by studying maps and researching online. Through our research, we’ll learn about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. What were people’s daily lives like and what epic battles did they fight? Using techniques such as cutting, scraping and mark making, we’ll make Stone Age tools. We’ll look closely at cave paintings and create our own. As we learn about the Bronze Age, we’ll build different monuments and understand why there was a change of era. Then, we’ll travel to the Iron Age to learn about hill forts and the properties of iron. We’ll also make Iron Age jewellery. In science, we’ll meet the man who invented the electric rod and identify how electricity was conducted to preserve ancient monuments.

Class Meeting Resources

Below is the presentation given during the Class Meeting at the beginning of term. This contains important information relating to the year ahead.  Alternatively you can download it here

class meeting powerpoint y4.pdf

Home Learning

Download the Home Learning cover sheet by clicking the link below

6th March 2020

28th February 2020

7th February 2020

31st January 2020

    Group 1 Reading Comprehension

    Group 2 Reading Comprehension

24th January 2020

17th January 2020

10th January 2020

4th October 2019

y4 homework 4 10 19.pdf

20th September 2019




Topics covered this term: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Year 4 are focusing on number bonds this term - to 10, 20 and 100.

 Number bonds information for parents (click)

If you want to give your child some number bonds quizzes at home, this website has some great resource to download.

Year 4 are practising their 3 and 4 times-tables at the moment.

There are some great resources for the 3s here and for 4s here.

Practise your 3 times table with Doogal's song:

And here is Humphrey with the 4s:



Core text

'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura 

 Buy it here




You can find this week's spellings on the Homework Cover Sheet 


Wednesday Word

If you enjoy reading the Wednesday Word with your child, why not check out the Wednesday Word Kids' Area, where there are games and activities to support their scriptural education


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