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Safer Internet Day


The theme of this year's Safer Internet Day is 'Together for a Better Internet'.

During the week at school, the children will be talking about online respect, as well as how to give - or not give - consent to personal information or photos being shared online. 

The resources we will be using at Servite come from 2 sources:

The UK Safer Internet Centre

Google's 'Be Internet Legends'

Google have also developed a free game called Interland, which, through gameplay, teaches children about online responsibility using the Internet Legends Code (as detailed above) by introducing them to situations where they will need to make choices to keep themselves safe.

Both of these sites have some wonderful resources to help you have a conversation at home around staying safe online, giving consent for the sharing of photos and other personal information, respecting others online and - most importantly - asking for help or advice if your child encounters anything online that makes them feel uncomfortable or upset.

In partnership, by encouraging online responsibility and making it a two-way conversation, we can ensure that both we and our children are 'Together for a Better Internet'.


You can find links to other resources concerning online safety on the more general Online Safety page.


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