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Reception Staff

Mrs Hames - Class teacher

Mrs Sousa - Class teacher

Miss Brennan - Teaching Assistant

Mr Sherard - Learning Support Assistant

Miss Dunne- Learning Support Assistant


Out of This World!

This half term in Reception, our theme is 'Out of This World!' we will be following the children's interests to learn all about space. We will be enjoying finding out fascinating facts, using non-fiction books, as well as reading imaginary stories about adventures to the moon and further afield in the universe and meeting aliens!

We are looking forward to presenting the poem story 'Ten Little Aliens' as our class assembly on Friday 20th March 2020.

People Who Help Us

Spring 1 half term in Reception, our theme was 'People Who Help Us'.

We began by reading an exciting text about all of the emergency services and the vehicles they use: Emergency! by Margaret Mahy

Later in the half-term, we also read these books:



Sing along to these catchy songs to practise the names and order of the days of the week and months of the year:

What month is it now?

What month is your birthday in?

Can you think of an event which happens in each month of the year?

Yesterday was...

Today is...

Tomorrow will be...

We have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties.

Which shapes are best at rolling? Which shapes would you choose to build with?

Can you talk about which shapes have:

  • flat faces
  • curved surfaces
  • vertices

Watch this video to help you to begin to learn the names of some 3D shapes and find examples of them in the world around us:

Safer Internet Day

We read the story of Smartie the Penguin together to learn about being safe online. The key message was:

Before you tap and click...

You need to stop and think...

And TELL someone!


In the second half of the Autumn term, our theme was Fairytales and traditional tales. We  started with Jack and the Beanstalk, which we presented as our class assembly.

You can read it at home with this wonderful BBC version, made up of 14 short video clips. Click the image below to visit the BBC. 

Odd Dog Out

For Odd Socks Day we read the story Odd Dog Out while we explored the idea of recognising and celebrating the ways each of us is unique.

Home Learning

View the sheets on the page via the PDF viewer, or click the date to download

6th March 2020

   Key Words Flashcards 6

28th February 2020

  Key Words Flashcards 5

7th February 2020

    Key Words Flashcards 4

31st January 2020

    Key Words Flashcards 3

24th January 2020

      Key Words Flashcards 2

17th January 2020

      Key Words Flashcards 1

10th January 2020

13th December 2019

reception home learning aut 2 wk 7 13 12 19.pdf

6th December 2019      

reception home learning aut 2 wk 6 06 12 19.pdf

29th November 2019

reception home learning aut 2 wk 5 29 11 19.pdf

22nd November 2019

reception home learning aut 2 wk 4 22 11 19.pdf

15th November 2019

reception home learning aut 2 wk 3 15 11 19.pdf

8th November 2019

reception home learning aut 2 wk 2 08 11 19.pdf

1st November 2019

reception home learning aut 2 wk 1 01 11 19.pdf

Week 6 11th October 2019

reception home learning aut 1 wk 6 11 10 19.pdf

Week 5 4th October 2019

reception home learning aut 1 wk 5 04 10 19.pdf

Week 4 International Week homework! 27th September 2019

reception int pdf.pdf

Week 3 20th September 2019

reception home learning aut 1 wk 3 20 09 19.pdf

Week 2 13th September 2019

reception notices 13 09 19.pdf

Week 1 6th September 2019

reception notices 06 09 19.pdf

  Class Meeting

These are the slides shared during the Class Meeting at the beginning of the year. This presentation contains lots of important information about the year in Reception - if you are unsure about anything, have a look through before consulting your class teacher. Use the PDF viewer or click here to download. 

class meeting presentation reception 2019.pdf




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Wednesday Word

If you enjoy reading the Wednesday Word with your child, why not check out the Wednesday Word Kids' Area, where there are games and activities to support their scriptural education.


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