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Our Curriculum



As you will see in our Curriculum Map, many of our units of learning have links between subjects, forming a 'topic'. Where meaningful connections can be made, pupils' learning in History, Geography or Science is complemented by work based around a text on the same theme in English lessons. Making these connections allows the children to become totally immersed within the topic, leading to wonderful outcomes in all subject areas.


However, this is only the case where such links enrich and add to the study of English, the Humanities or Science. Where these subjects can better be taught discretely, they have not been linked to a text, allowing the teacher to fully explore the area of study without being constrained by a ‘topic’.


[Adapted to reflect the impact of Covid-19 on education due to periods of remote learning due to bubble closures and lockdown.]


Our first priority is quality of learning in each of the subjects. We want all of our learners to gather the knowledge and skills needed to be excellent geographers, historians,  scientists, readers, writers and communicators going forward on their journey through life.


We don't know which career paths our children will take. What we do know is that some may well end up doing jobs which do not even exist yet! As such, we must equip them with a store of knowledge upon which to build, wherever their journey in life takes them.



Visit the Google Classroom for your child's class to view extra resources to support their learning for each term, as well as information on which texts they are reading in class.


Knowledge Organisers

Below are some examples of the Knowledge Organisers that are used to focus the children's learning for each unit. These are also known as '100% sheets'; the aim being that, by then end of the block of learning on this particular area, the children will have retained 100% of the information contained on each sheet.


Year 1 - History - 'Events beyond living memory - Great Fire of London

Year 2 - Computing - Digital Literacy - IT Beyond School

Year 3 - Science - Light

Year 4 - Geography - Topographical Features and Time

Year 5 - Design and Technology - Electrical Circuits

Year 6 - History - 'A theme in British History beyond 1066' - WWI




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