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“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

– Dr. Seuss


By reading great books and bringing them to life, we cultivate a love of stories and promote a love of reading at Servite!

Our selection of wonderful books in each classroom allows us to help our children grow into enthusiastic readers in an exciting and engaging way- reading is a priority at Servite.

We not only view reading as a hobby, but a life long skill. It is for this reason that we assess the children’s abilities and monitor their progress regularly.

Pupils are given clear, focused targets and next steps for learning in order to pinpoint what they need to work on in order to improve their reading skills.




Forget A, B, C and D, at Servite we focus on sounds as the key to unlock reading skills!

Using Ruth Miskin’s Read, Write Inc. programme, we teach children how to read and write quickly and effectively using synthetic phonics.

We run sessions daily from Foundation Stage up to Year One. Each group is made up of a range of ages and is tiered in terms of ability; children are assessed at the end of each academic year and they must pass before progressing to the next stage.

Find more details on our Phonics page.


At Home

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”

– Emilie Buchwald


Although we do all we can to promote reading during the school day, we encourage parents to extend their child’s love of reading and help them to progress further, by taking the time to read with them at home. On the bus back from school or just before heading to bed, time spent reading with your child is time well spent in our opinion!

This act of reading is not only crucial for younger children, but is just as important for older, more fluent readers in understanding the meaning of texts and discussing the ideas that are hidden between the lines!

Reading at home is monitored daily through Digital Reading Records which are checked by the class teacher regularly- we love to see how much you are enjoying your child’s book too!




“A great book should leave you with many experiences and slightly exhausted.”

 – William Clark Styron Jnr


At the core of our writing curriculum at Servite lives a treasure trove of high quality and engaging books. From Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo to Mallory Blackman and Philip Pullman, the children are exposed to a range of genres and plotlines to demonstrate and nurture good writing skills.

A booklist is provided to teachers from which they choose the focus of their English lessons for the next half term. It is a priority to ensure that the books children are reading are those that will both challenge and inspire them.


Extended Writing

Extended writing is key to measuring the progress of our children and we ensure that they submit work each week that they are proud of, that uses their imagination and that is completed to the best of their ability.

Children have minimal guidance in writing their final piece and we are currently focusing on the act of redrafting and editing and self and peer assessment in our writing.

You might even spot some of our extended writing pieces dotted around the building!



“Communication leads to community.”

– Rollo May


Speaking is so important in the progress of our pupils across the whole school and is crucial in the development of a child’s ability to read and write.

Children should be able to explain their understanding of a text and to prepare their ideas aloud before writing them down. Training for this begins in the Foundation Stage where speaking is a focus for learning. We do this to enable our pupils to articulate their ideas and structure their work verbally by the end of Key Stage One.

In practising their speaking skills, they will have a good understanding of the conventions for discussion and debate and will be able to participate confidently in class discussions. They will feel able to take part in assemblies and other public speaking opportunities, as well as growing an understanding of the artistic practise of drama.


Book Week

“Everyone is a reader… some just haven’t found their favourite book yet.”

- Anon.

Book Week is an exciting time to celebrate all of the things we love about reading and writing stories! Culminating in World Book Day, where the children and staff dress up as their favourite characters, it is a chance to share in our love of reading as a school and to discover new characters to fall in love with!