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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

- Scott Adams


With so much creative talent at Servite, we had to call in the professionals to help us manage it all!

Working with the children once a week, Miss Loureiro has put together a wonderful curriculum for our pupils, using class topics as the focus for her lessons.

Our aim is to build our children’s confidence in as many different art processes and techniques as possible, enabling them to discover and explore the mediums they enjoy!

Working with a range of materials - from clay to paint and chalk – the children get the chance to experiment with their creative side- aprons are a must in Mrs Loureiro's classes!


We not only teach the skills that are required to become an artist, but we also encourage the children to appreciate art work from a young age. Based in Chelsea, we are surrounded by a variety of art galleries and our children are taken to view relevant exhibitions whenever possible.

In addition to these trips, our pupils take part in competitions on a regular basis. The Leyton House Borough Exhibition is something that we are currently involved in, where a judging panel select certain artists each week to be displayed at a huge event in the local community- a great chance to showcase our creations!

Art Week

A celebration of creativity – from acting and movement to painting and drawing – we come together for one week of the year to explore what the arts have to offer.

The children enjoy a range of challenging workshops, exciting trips and spectacular visits from specialists to enhance their artistic skills and explore the subject further!

The Art Show

A culmination of the work completed in Art Week, the Art Show is a creative extravaganza where each class works tirelessly to put together an exhibit of all of their wonderful creations.

An exciting evening at Servite, parents and the wider school community are invited to attend and peruse the work that we have to offer here at Servite- whilst nibbling on canapés and other refreshments, of course!


Art Club

Art Club is a great chance for our pupils to sharpen their artistic skills. In smaller, more refined sessions, the children with a flair or love for the subject get the chance to work on challenging projects, using their animation, puppetry and multimedia skills.

End of Year Production

Although the End of Year Production is awash with wonderful singing voices and Oscar-worthy acting, we are proud of all the trimmings too!

The set design is an astonishing work of art each year and, again, we have Miss Loureiro – and the help of some very talented parents – to thank for that!