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“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”

–   John Dewey


At Servite, we use computing to enhance our pupil’s learning experience.

Following a well-established computing curriculum, we use our facilities to enhance learning across all subjects, whilst challenging our children with some quite advanced programmes in computing! 

The curriculum is split into three strands - Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. The children revisit each of these strands during the course of year, deepening their understanding in the process. 

Computer Science covers coding and computer programming. Children will grasp an understanding of how machines are controlled and use a variety of programs to create algorithms that can control both 'real life' robots or program-based outputs. Rather than focusing on one coding program, our curriculum encourages them to use a variety throughout the year, allowing them to develop transferable skills.

Information Technology teaches children how to use apps and programs, so that they can be confident users of technology whichever device they are using. With our ever-increasing use of devices, it is so important that we equip the children with skills rather than program- or operating system- specific knowledge to help them as they move forward to secondary school and then into the workplace. 

Digital Literacy centres around online safety. Children of all age groups revisit this vital topic throughout the year, learning how to identify dangers online and how to become upstanding digital citizens. It also covers themes such as online bias, fake news, encouraging all the children to become discerning users of the internet. 


We have a wonderful computing suite with 14 PCs. This room can be booked for up to an hour per class and is a well-used resource.

We also have a range of portable technology which can be used anywhere in the school.

These include:

  • A class set of Google-equipped chromebooks         
  • Sphero Balls
  • Bee-bots
  • Floor turtles
  • Interactive voting pads
  • Digital cameras
  • Sound recording devices
  • Digital sensors

In addition to these facilities, our classrooms are also well equipped with technology: two PCs, an interactive whiteboard and a visualiser are provided to enhance the children's learning.

Google Workspace

Our whole school network is now run via the Google Workspace. This means that every child has their own Gmail login and can access the full range of google resources both at school, or remotely whilst working at home. This flexibility allows the children to complete home-learning and save it direct to the school network, cutting down the need for printing and using unnecessary paper. 

Online Safety

In a world where children have almost constant access to the internet, we encourage our pupils to stay safe online. Through workshops and interactive sessions, we ensure that our children are aware of the dangers of the Internet. Online safety is a fundamental part of the computing curriculum, being delivered through regular class sessions, as well as Key Stage or whole-school assemblies.

Not only do we help the children understand how to stay safe online, we educate our parents too. With workshops and events run in school we hope to encourage parents to promote e-safety at home as much as we do in school.

Click here to access the parent Online Safety section: Keeping Safe Online