Servite Roman Catholic Primary School

"From our Earth’s beginnings, to the connected world we live in today, music has always been a universal means of communication. Bird songs to love songs, ancient scores to film scores, Morse code to coding, ‘Convo’ explores how music gives us all a voice and our lives a soundtrack."

Read more on the Royal Albert Hall website.

The Convo performance is on March 7th, at the Royal Albert Hall. 

Click here to open the lyric sheet and then use the players below to practise the songs

1. Earth Calling

2. Avian

3. Talking Drums

4. Roots

5. Pen to Paper

6. Hymn to Nikkal

7. Narration 2

8. The Mountain Pt 1

9. Narration 3

10. The Mountain Pt 2

11. Devices

12. Dashes and Dots

13. Narration 4

14. Vibe

15. Voices