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Year 3


As the children head upstairs to Year 3, they face more exciting changes in their school routine!

No longer having the luxury of an afternoon break and taking a shorter lunchtime, they squeeze in a bunch of extra learning into their school day!

As they adjust to Key Stage 2, pupils are encouraged to take ownership of their education, becoming independent learners and self-directed thinkers. Under the guidance of the class teacher and supervision of support staff, they tackle an increased workload and must begin to take charge of their own routine and personal belongings.



Sacrament of The Eucharist

Year 3 is an important year in the spiritual lives of our children as we offer them the opportunity to gro

w into their faith and t

ake part in the First Holy Communion Programme.

Attending classes after school, the children begin to nurture a more in-depth understanding of their faith and learn how to live a more spiritual life, culminating in a wonderful celebration in the church with friends and family in the summer.

School life

On entry into Year 3, the children are rewarded with bigger responsibilities and a wider range of opportunities to get their teeth into!

They are now able to audition for the choir, where they will practise and perform in front of the rest of the school at a range of events across the academic year!

In addition to this, the children take part in half-termly celebrations in the church along with Years 4, 5 and 6. These masses take place at Our Lady of Dolours, our parish church, providing pupils with an insight into and understanding of how to practise their faith in a formal setting.

During the summer term, the children from Year 3 upwards start attending weekly swimming lessons at the Chelsea Sports Centre.


The children continue to grow and learn beyond the classroom, with exciting trips and visits. So far his year the children have had amazing opportunities.

 Year 3 Visit Pizza Express 2015